Charleston Water Tours

Fun or sun?  It really doesn't matter to Captain Dan!  Come explore the Charleston waterways with one of our personalized boat tours.  We offer several different sites to visit and enjoy.  Do something different on your next Charleston vacation - take a charter boat tour!   

Welcome Aboard with Captain Dan!     

Boarding Locations



What We Supply:

  • Personalized & Private Tour
  • Floatation devices
  • Pure Enjoyment!
  • Water
  • All safety equipment
  • Plenty of photo opportunities
  • Sirius Music
  • On-board head.

    See Charleston from the waterside!


How much time will I need to plan?

  Charleston Harbor Area (harbor, sunset, historical)

 2 hrs

  Rivers, Creeks, Near Islands

3 hrs

  Barrier Is. Beach Explorations 

 3+ hrs

  Barrier Islands, Island Beaches

 4+ hrs


What You Supply:


Shoes: Non-Marking - deck shoes, sneakers or flip flops!

Suntan lotion (a must on coastal waters)

Hats (top of the head burns are the pits!)

Light jacket or sweatshirt if very windy

Cameras (don't miss the pic of the day)

Choice of Sirius Music Sirius Channel Line up

Optional: You may bring adult beverages and food if you like.



Come tour with Captain Dan on the beautiful Charleston area waterways.

Captain Dan Finley



On a tour with Captain Dan, you will experience first hand this passion which is part of every individual tour on the Charleston waterways. He is US Coast Guard Licensed, CPR Certified and fully Insured.


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